What does a security guard do?

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Have you ever wondered what does a security guard do?

If you are out an about of a day or night, then chances are you will see a security guard. They work in all manner of places, including malls, banks, private businesses, transport stations and other public spaces. You may be thinking of a career in security yourself and be wondering: What does a security guard do? Read on to find out…

What does a security guard do? The job can include animal management for local councils.
Some of our team who provide security for the Whangarei District Council. Our security work for them involves a wide range of tasks, including parking management and animal control.

Security guard job roles

Security guard jobs are all about protecting property and people. Here are some of the different types of security guard jobs:

Monitoring: Some of our security guards work in monitoring centres at client sites, monitoring alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras. There are many instances where our people have helped Police catch vandals and criminals by providing useful CCTV footage of the incidents.

Access control: Other security guards control access to a client’s site. This can involve signing-in employees, visitors and outside contractors. Access control guards may be based in a gatehouse at a large site’s entry point. Other security guards may be standing at the entry door to a building or seated at a reception desk.

Site checks: Another type of security job involves walking around the customer’s premises and conducting security checks. This can involve routine checks that doors and windows are locked, lights are switched off (or on), etc. There have been many instances where our guards have prevented damage by noticing non-routine issues, such as water leaks or broken catches, and alerting the building manager.

Customer service ambassadors: The modern security guard has come a long way from the “heavy on the door” images of past times. These days, our guards are more like customer service ambassadors. For example, shopping mall guards are there to help prevent theft and anti-social behaviour. They also create a warm and welcoming environment for shoppers by giving directions or other help to mall users.

Some of our mall guards have become heroes along the way, helping save lives and assisting members of the public who have suffered medical events.

Keeping the peace: Some guard roles get special training for sites such as hospitals and courts, where anti-social behaviour can be a problem. Their main focus is to de-escalate difficult situations, but they are also trained to deal with issues involving someone self-harming or becoming violent.

Event security: These guards are tasked with keeping the peace and providing a pleasant experience for people at concerts, displays and other types of large events. The job can involve bag checks, providing directions to people, and de-escalating anti-social behaviour.

Is a security guard job right for me?

There are many different types of security jobs – full-time, part-time and casual. That makes it a great option for people who need a steady income, and well as those who just need casual work from time to time.

It’s tempting to think the job is best suited to men but that’s not actually the case.

Security is a great career for everyone because being a guard these days is very much about customer service, vigilance and de-escalating potential conflict before it becomes a problem.

As one of our guards says: “In the olden days it was more about fisticuffs and force. These days we aim to be the firm but friendly face of an organisation and prevent conflict before it gets going.”

All of our guards are given training, and also get to qualify for NZQA Level 2 as a minimum.

Now you know the answer to the question what does a security guard do? If you’d like to find out more and also see the jobs we have on offer, then take a look at our Security Jobs page.