Wellington Operations Assistant loves it just as much the 2nd time round

Charmaine Seccombe - Wellington Operations Assistant

Meet Charmaine, our wellington operations assistant

Charmaine Seccombe enjoyed working at Armourguard so much the first-time round that she jumped at the chance of another job 18 months after leaving.

Her original role as a temporary recruitment assistant in our Wellington branch was a busy and interesting job with a range of tasks, including onboarding new employees, assigning uniforms, doing paperwork, etc. Charmaine did such a good job that she was given a permanent role. Everything went well until Covid and other changes saw recruitment activities grind to a halt and her role became redundant.

So, Charmaine moved back into temping, but she didn’t forget about Armourguard…and nor did Armourguard forget about her.

Eighteen months later her former Wellington manager got in touch to say a job was available and would she be interested? I said “absolutely!” laughs Charmaine. “I didn’t even ask what the job or hours were because I had really enjoyed my time at Armourguard so jumped at the chance to come back.”

These days Charmaine is the Wellington Operations Assistant – a busy role that involves everything from staff recruitment, payroll, and e-filing health and safety reports, through to Covid related admin, fleet management and inducting and organising training for new recruits.

“I enjoy working at Armourguard and the Wellington team is awesome to work with because everyone is happy to help each other out,” she says. “I have also enjoyed the training I’ve received and have been learning lots of new skills for the various parts of my Wellington Operations Assistant job.”