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From deterring those up to no good, to having a firm but welcoming presence at your premises – we have the perfect people for your every security need.

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No matter what your needs are, Armourguard has the right people for your job. Our trained and qualified security guards can do everything from event security management to permanent static guards based on-site – or anything in between.

But it is about so much more than deterring criminal and anti-social behaviour. Our guards will also play an important role in safeguarding your organisation’s reputation and enhancing its image. They do this by offering a security presence that is professional yet warm and unobtrusive, enhancing your brand and your customer experience. This can be by way of retail concierge services on the door or in-store, through to guards that control site access.

Our people get to meet New Zealanders from all walks of life in the course of their jobs and go beyond the call of duty to help. There are many instances of where our guards’ quick thinking and compassionate intervention have saved lives and prevented serious injury.

Contact us to find out how our ad hoc and static security guard services can help your organisation with business-as-usual, COVID-19 related access control, crime scenes, natural disasters…and more.

Safety first: real-time monitoring and scheduled security guard welfare checks

Keeping our frontline people safe on the job is our top priority. We take this so seriously that we have our own dedicated 24/7 monitoring and communication centre.

A combination of automated and physical systems help keep our frontline people safe on the job. Our security team also receives training in client-specific safety processes and escalation procedures so they can be sure to meet the client’s particular needs. Taking responsibility for our staff, customers staff and the public’s safety lies at the very heart of our business. That’s why we take a zero-harm approach and have put robust systems, processes, training and welfare tools in place to achieve this.

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A friendly, customer-focused security presence, including frontline concierge. We can also take care of ticket checking, hospitality security and ushering.

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Talk to us for executive protection, staff escorts and security awareness training for your people.


Site and building access control, CCTV and HVAC monitoring, and credentials checking.

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Armourguard’s security guard services

As New Zealand’s largest and most experienced security company we offer a wide range of guard services.

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Retail guards not only deter shoplifters. They also help create a pleasant shopping experience by providing a welcoming and supportive presence for retail customers.

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Commercial security includes building and site access control, monitoring and security, including health & safety compliance documentation for visitors. We also provide executive protection and staff escorts.

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Customer-focussed, flexible approach


These friendly and helpful ambassadors for public facilities strike the right balance between keeping the peace, and helping the public. Our hospital guards are specially trained for even the most difficult of situations and can be counted on to keep hospital staff, patients and visitors safe.

We have found Armourguard to be very responsive, open and honest. We appreciate how they identify problems and offer solutions that are effective and suit our business /operating environment.

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Every day we help keep New Zealand’s cash economy flowing, with our high security cash transportation and cash management services.

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From Cape Reinga to Bluff, East Coast to the West Coast – and everywhere in between. Our security guards have it covered for every type of sector, including private business, construction, central and local government, retail, finance, etc.


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