Wayne’s Levin crime prevention success

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Quick thinking helps Levin crime prevention success

Wayne plays a valuable role in Levin crime prevention.

One of our security guard’s great observational skills, quick thinking and dedication to the cause resulted in a Levin crime prevention success. Our client is hugely grateful to our guard, Wayne Salmon, for recovering a stolen trailer.

Wayne was doing a site check one night when he noticed a previously locked gate was open. He contacted the client, who reviewed security camera footage and saw somebody towing a trailer away.

Sharp-eyed Wayne had noticed the trailer parked on a nearby street earlier so went back to check its registration. Sure enough, it was the stolen one. So, he logged a job with the Police then went home to get a vehicle with a tow bar so he could return the trailer to its rightful owner. But when he got back, a man was towing it away.

Wayne followed, while calling Police. Not long afterwards, the man stopped and unhooked the trailer before driving off. Wasting no time, Wayne hooked it up and returned it to the client’s yard, then found a padlock to secure the open gate.

The client was very happy to get their trailer back and hugely impressed with Wayne. He wrote to say: “Wayne went way above and beyond…[and] used his initiative and his own resources. I can’t thank him enough…and I am truly grateful for his actions and commitment to his role.”