Construction Site Security: A Must for Asset Protection

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construction site security
Armourguard Security on duty at a construction site

Ensuring security at construction sites is essential for protecting valuable assets from theft and vandalism. As a security company, we understand the importance of safeguarding these sites, which range from public works and utility projects to commercial and residential developments.

Diverse Construction Site Security Challenges

Our portfolio includes a variety of construction sites, each presenting unique security challenges. Typical clients include utilities, building construction companies, and property developers. These sites’ security needs evolve as projects progress, making a tailored approach crucial.

Evolving Security Risks

Early stages – heavy machinery and portable tools: During the initial phases of construction, sites often host heavy machinery such as diggers and generators, especially when earthmoving is involved. These valuable pieces of equipment are prime targets for theft. Additionally, portable items like tools and fuel for generators are at high risk because they can be easily stolen.

Mid to late stages – high-value appliances: As construction progresses, the theft focus shifts as does the construction site security focus. In the fit-out stage, especially in apartment buildings, high-value appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, and rangehoods become attractive targets. These items, often left in boxes on-site, can be easily taken if not safeguarded.

Increasing vandalism risk – The risk of vandalism increases as the project nears completion. Once walls are up and windows are installed, there are more opportunities for high value damage. Vandalism can range from people breaking in and causing damage to intentional destruction of property, such as trucks and machinery having their windows smashed.

Comprehensive Security Measures

Construction site security breaches bring many costs, including financial loss but also costs associated with time spent addressing the theft or vandalism and resulting delays to the project timeline. To combat these evolving threats, we implement a range of security measures tailored to each stage of construction.

Static Security Guards and Security Patrols

The site’s size can determine the need for static guards versus mobile security patrols. Larger sites benefit from the constant presence of a guard/s, while smaller sites may only require regular visits from mobile security patrols.

Evening Security Checks and Lockups

An important construction site security tasks is to secure the site after workers leave for the day. This can involve inspecting all gates, access points, and Portacoms to ensure everything is locked. If we find any unsecured areas, we lock them and report to the project or site manager. This step, part of our second line of defence, is crucial in preventing unauthorised access and theft.

Site Access Control

At the main entrance, we can also manage access control by checking IDs and ensuring that trucks delivering or removing materials are legitimate. We also verify that nothing unauthorised is being removed from the site.

Our team can also do health and safety checks on site visitors and ensure subcontractors undergo the correct site induction procedures.

Alarm Response and Remote Monitoring

Many construction companies are now using remote CCTV cameras with motion detectors connected to mobile apps. When an alarm is triggered, we promptly respond and provide an immediate on-site presence to deter potential threats.

Construction Site Security a Valuable Deterrent

Effective construction site security is akin to insurance – there when its most needed. Our presence and proactive measures serve as a powerful deterrent that protects assets and helps maintain project deadlines. By understanding the unique challenges at each stage of construction and implementing comprehensive security measures, we help safeguard your valuable assets against theft and vandalism.

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